Big Hug Brewing


Established: 2014
Address: No fixed location

London-based craft brewing team without their own brewery. They describe themselves as ‘hobo’ brewers – not having their own home but pride themselves on brewing with some great breweries up and down the country as well as in London. The guys are a self funding business and currently brew their 4% Juicy Pale and Slow Loris  Autumn/Winter All Day IPA with the team at Hop Stuff in SE London.

A socially-conscious bunch, they try to have a positive impact and often get involved in helping local homeless charities through their own initiative called Hugs4Snugs.

They’re keen to spread the love of craft beer by bringing craft beer to the masses and 2 of the founders started the Craft Beer Rising festival. Their beers are interesting, accessible and full of flavour and the signature brew is a White IPA.

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