Meet the Brewer: Guillermo Alvarez @ Long Arm Brewing

hoppist deliver a monthly box of beer for Londoners looking to discover the amazing beer brewed in & around the city. In our ‘Meet the Brewer’ series, we take you behind the scenes to meet the people behind the beer

We caught up with Guillermo Alvarez from Long Arm Brewery

Who are you and what do you brew?

Hi, my name is G and I brew beer! I just started brewing at Long Arm brewery, but have brewed over 500 different style variations and can’t list them all, sorry!

How big is your brewery?

I am currently up-sizing a 5 bbl brewery but have worked with anything from 25 litres to 30,000 litres

How did you get into brewing?

I was born into brewing. My Grandfather was a joint owner of Grupo Modelo in Mexico and my Uncle owns three breweries and a distribution company in the USA. I am a Biochemical Engineer, studied brewing with the IBD while working for St Austell Brewery and have been brewing since 2012

Aside from the obvious family history, what are your brewing influences?

I am fascinated by the Japanese ethos, British and German brewing techniques and new world hops

Where do you like to drink in London?

I would say my favourite places are Greenwood or Craft Beer Co

How do you go about developing a new beer?

My approach is to start with a concept, break it down into flavours and textures then re-engineer the flavours from beer raw materials and natural additives incorporated at specific parts of the brewing process

What’s your favourite type of beer to drink and to brew?

I’m still a fan of a good IPA, strong barley wines or barrel aged beers. And of course the weird & wonderful

Long Arms range is brewed in a small brewhouse in Ealing, West London

What’s the best beer you’ve ever made?

St Austell’s Smugglers Vintage Champagne Ale

What advice would you give to people just getting into craft beer?

Know what you like whether it be sweet, hoppy, strong or light and then explore. Might be hit and miss for a bit but you will definitely know what you do and don’t like after that!

What’s the strangest ingredient you’ve brewed with?

Whole Oysters and Seaweed or Green Tea and Lotus Flowers

Have you ever completely screwed up a beer?

This wasn’t me but someone managed to drop a tub of Brasso into the mash tun…

What do you think the next big beer style will be?

I think that the next thing to hit the slopes is blended collaborations

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